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Oleh Hadash? Know Your Rights!

Oleh Hadash? Know Your Rights!

Oleh Hadash (new immigrant) to Israel has to learn how to navigate the laws of the land while learning a new language and getting acclimated.

Understanding the challenges of immigration, the Israeli government gave the oleh hadash benefits.
Luckily, Israel’s continued encouragement of Jewish immigration comes with more than a few valuable benefits, so it’s worth the effort.

Here are a few benefits you’re entitled to as an Oleh Hadash:

  • monetary benefits
  • free Hebrew-language classes
  • assistance in finding employment
  • tax benefits
  • scholarships
  • subsidy for apartment rental

Sadly, many olim are not always aware of these generous benefits. And even if they are aware, they don’t know how to claim those benefits.

Our experienced team of immigration lawyers’ offers legal advice on Aliyah, claiming olim rights, and much more. We’ll be covering some common questions below.

Let’s dive into the many benefits an Oleh Hadash can enjoy and how our office can help.

Claiming the absorption basket requires your physical presence in Israel. If you leave Israel, the payments stop.

Yet, payments can be resumed if you return to Israel within a year of your initial Aliyah date.

Like all Israel’s bureaucratic requests, you must file a request with the Aliyah and Absorption Ministry to start receiving absorption payments again.

To ensure you receive the absorption basket, you must

  • Have entered Israel with an Aliyah visa
  • Have stayed in Israel no more than 24 months over 3 years before the date of Aliyah

On top of the absorption basket payments, you also may be entitled to:

  • a guaranteed minimal income payment
  • a living allowance

Olim Tax benefits

The Israeli government grants various tax benefits to Oleh Hadashin in hopes of lightening the tax load.

The government has recognized that many olim now became dual citizens and their tax situation has changed. Sometimes Olim are required to pay taxes in their country of origin too. This is where the tax exemption comes into play.

Olim are entitled to an “acclimation year” related to investments abroad, including tax exemptions.

Additionally, as an Oleh Hadash, you also receive tax exemptions and discounts when you buy a vehicle or import personal items.

The law even goes as far as granting tax exemption points to olim. Depending on how long the Oleh has resided in Israel.

The tax exemption points are granted for up to 3.5 years.

Just like the US, Israeli tax authorities track foreign bank accounts.

It’s important to note you’re likely required to report on your bank accounts and assets both in Israel and in your country of origin.

It’s vital to protect yourself from breaches by consulting with an attorney specializing in taxes and commercial law.

Olim living accommodations benefits

Olim are eligible for a rent allowance during their first years in Israel.

The primary benefit comes into play when you buy a home as you may be eligible for financial help and a discount on your taxes.

Equally important, you get a discount of up to 90% on municipal property taxes (arnona). You can claim this benefit at the property tax department of your municipality.

There are often mistakes and unjustified rejections of such applications. But don’t worry. You can appeal to the local authority.

You may have to go as far as the Interior Ministry and the Administrative Affairs Court to appeal in some cases. For detailed information on filing an appeal on municipal property taxes, feel free to contact us.

Olim benefits aliyah

Olim benefits when you’re over 60 years young

There is no age limit to make aliyah to Israel.

That is particularly helpful now, as the Corona crisis has caused many Israelis to bring their elderly relatives to Isreal.

It’s important to note that olim of retirement age may still be entitled to receive a special pension even if they are not eligible for an old-age pension from National Insurance.

To clarify, olim that are not eligible for an Israeli pension likely qualify for various other benefits from the National Insurance system (Bituach Leumi).

Some of these benefits include:

  • Weekly elderly care assistance from the government
  • welfare assistance for dental treatments
  • a grant for the cost of heating
  • And more

There are even special grants for Holocaust survivors who made Aliyah at an older age. Those grants can be claimed from the city municipality.

Olim benefits for families with children

Do you need assistance in claiming ALL your rights as an Oleh Hadash? We know this list was a bit overwhelming.

Our office has extensive experience in providing olim legal representation before the various government authorities and courts.

Feel free to contact us for personal advice on Israeli immigration law using the telephone numbers or email address below.

Olim financial support

The most practical benefit an Oleh Hadash can claim is financial help.

This help comes in many forms. The most popular form is the “absorption basket” which is granted on arrival.

The absorption basket is intended to help out new olim as they find work, a place to live, and get acclimated in Israel.

In essence, the absorption basket consists of government payments provided during the initial residency period in Israel.

Here are the main benefits of the absorption basket:

  • Living allowance – you receive a 6 months living allowance, so you to learn Hebrew without having to worry about rent
  • Ulpan – 500 hours of free Hebrew classes
  • Flexibility – The Hebrew classes can be spread out over 5 or 10 months, depending on your preference

It’s better to arrange legal Oleh Hadash status in Israeli embassies and consuls worldwide before arriving in Israel.

aliyah israel benefits

Do you qualify for the absorption basket if you're already in Israel?

As part of the benefits package provided to olim, families with children also receive child support payments from National Insurance.

The olim children are also entitled to educational help in school.

The Education Ministry provides a support program called “Olim children learning” (known by the acronym “Yael” in Hebrew.

The program offers elementary school kids remedial help in language studies, study skills, etc.

Olim benefits for lone soldiers

Young men and women that immigrated to Isreal without their family while of age to serve in the IDF are called lone soldiers.

Understanding the difficulties in life away from your loved ones, the IDF and the government offer lone soldiers extra help. Including:

  • a monthly grant from the IDF
  • an additional monthly grant from the Ministry of Absorption for lone soldiers who have made Aliyah less than 5 years ago. (for Ethiopian Olim is up to 15 years)
  • rent and housing expenses converge by the IDF
  • In addition to the IDF rent coverage, the Ministry of Construction and Housing also offers a grant in rent expenses
  • long annual vacation for family visits abroad
  • referral to local adoptive families
  • And so on

More rights and benefits for Olim

To help olim hadashim assimilate faster, the Absorption Ministry and employment centers offer even more help with the following:

  • health insurance
  • reduced fees to the health funds
  • scholarships
  • professional training
  • help in finding employment.

Note: You can apply for the Oleh Hadash benefits before you even get on the plane.

You may encounter challenges in determining your eligibility for benefits, as these things often change. It is recommended to consult with attorneys that specialize in immigration law.

How to take advantage of your rights?

Do you need assistance in claiming ALL your rights as an Oleh Hadash? We know this list was a bit overwhelming.

Our office has extensive experience in providing olim legal representation before the various government authorities and courts.

Feel free to contact us for personal advice on Israeli immigration law using the telephone numbers or email address below.