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German Jews’ Descendants Can Reclaim Their Citizenship!

German Jews’ Descendants Can Reclaim Their Citizenship!

German Jews were once the most successful and influential Jewish community in Europe. This changed drastically with the Nazi takeover of Germany. Nowadays, one of the ways that Germany is working to compensate for persecution of the Jewish community is by providing naturalization opportunities for those whose ancestors were affected by it.

There are numerous advantages to becoming a German citizen, from unrestricted travel throughout the EU to unlimited employment opportunities. Most notably, if you can trace your lineage back to a Jew (or another victim of Nazi Germany) who had been forced out of their homeland during or after World War II, then you may have an even greater chance at obtaining this valuable passport. In recent years, Germany has revised its legislation in order for acquirement easier for descendants of Holocaust survivors – making it all the more achievable!

Are you a descendant of German Jews? If so, our team is here to provide you with important information about how to obtain German citizenship.

Recent changes to the German Nationality Act entitle all descendants of Jewish Germans who fled from Nazi Germany or after World War II to seek citizenship in Germany.

Regardless of the gender of your ancestor, you are now eligible to reclaim German citizenship if one of your direct ancestors had their nationality denied by the Nazi regime due to political, religious or racial reasons. Even if neither you nor any parent has ever held a German passport before – this is still an option for you! To learn more about how and when to apply, please refer to our articles on these subjects.

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Submitting an application for German citizenship can be a complex and time-consuming process, especially when it involves completing numerous documents in German. Even small errors during this stage could result in your request being denied; thus making any appeals costly and difficult to achieve success. To ensure that you maximize your chances of approval, our law firm strongly recommends enlisting the services of experienced attorneys who specialize in immigration law. Our office has helped countless descendants of German citizens with their naturalization applications – let us assist you too!

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