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Returning resident to Israel

Returning resident to Israel

Are you an Israeli citizen returning to Israel after a long absence? You can access several benefits on your return, just as if you were a new immigrant! Our law offices offer expertise in understanding what these perks are and how best to obtain them. We recently published an article detailing the process for achieving status as a ‘returning resident’ – with all its conditions and restrictions laid out clearly. Check it out now for more information about obtaining this valuable designation!

Who is eligible for a returning resident visa?

A returning resident is an Israeli citizen who has also been a permanent inhabitant in the country, and must be over seventeen years of age. In addition, they need to have lived abroad for several consecutive years prior to their readmission into Israel and filing for the status of ‘returning resident’.

How can I achieve the status of returning resident?

To qualify as a returning resident, two conditions must be fulfilled: evidence of continuous residency abroad and proof of the intent to make Israel the center of one’s life. Supporting documents such as an Israeli identity card and passport that indicate foreign residence are necessary in order to substantiate these claims.

What rewards await a former resident upon their return?

  • If identified as a returning resident prior to entering Israel, the individual may receive a flight coupon. This will provide them with an extra luggage allowance on any El Al flight without having to pay for it – enabling them to bring more items when coming back home!
  • Moreover, those who have lived outside of the country for more than three years qualify for aid in beginning their own business venture.
  • For those who have lived abroad for over 10 years, the good news is that they are not required by law to report or pay taxes on any foreign income during this period. Upon returning to Israel, a one-year “acclimation year” can be applied for in order to receive an exemption from Israeli taxation for the entire duration of time spent abroad.
  • Receive a guaranteed minimum income for several months to facilitate your transition.
  • Israeli residents are eligible to receive various stipends and insurance benefits, including child allowance, retirement pension, and additional entitlements. Renewing these financial resources is essential in guaranteeing the well-being of the nation’s citizens.
  • Exploring the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration’s website will reveal a comprehensive list of advantages.

Receiving benefits as a returning resident

To get the most out of all available resources, it’s advisable to register with your local Population Authority and then visit the Aliyah and Integration Ministry. Bring along bank account information so that you take advantage of any potential financial aid they can provide.

In addition to other topics, you will learn how to register or re-register for a health fund and National Insurance. If your time spent living abroad exceeded five years, the Aliyah and Integration Ministry will take charge of transferring some paperwork over to official entities (like National Insurance), though certain benefits may necessitate an in-person visit with concerned personnel.

Renewing your membership in a health fund / Israeli National Insurance

To be eligible for National Insurance in Israel, the applicant must demonstrate that their life’s center is indeed within its borders. The usual procedure requires a returning resident to stay actively living and working in Israel for several months, otherwise an alternative payment of over 10,000 shekels can be made to secure immediate access to healthcare coverage.

Who would not qualify for assistance as a returning resident?

For those who have already benefited from assistance as a returning resident, they are ineligible to receive the same aid for the next decade and must remain living abroad for at least six of those years. Furthermore, individuals that have previously been awarded support as new immigrants cannot apply again in any capacity until two years later.

Speak to a legal professional about the process of acquiring lawful status in Israel.

At our law offices in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, we specialize in the immigration process to Israel for returning residents. You can count on us to provide valuable insight into your rights as a resident and equip you with the knowledge of how best to take advantage of them. We are committed to helping you make informed decisions regarding your application status every step of the way!