We Can Bring Your Foreign Expert Worker to Israel

The Israeli Foreign Expert Work Visa permits Israeli companies to employ foreign experts.

Specifically, the foreign expert visa applies to individuals with unique skills or knowledge that other Israelis do not have — for example, an Olympian. However, the Israeli Ministry of Interior limits the number of foreign expert work visas issued to keep more Israelis employed.

If your foreign expert is already in Israel, they cannot be eligible for an Israeli foreign expert visa. The foreign expert visa can only be obtained from an Israeli consulate abroad.

Who can receive a foreign expert visa in Israel?

  • A foreign expert NOT located in Israel at the time of application
  • A foreign expert with unique skills and knowledge that Israelis do not have
  • Under the age of 60
  • The applicant doesn't have a first-degree family in Israel (i.e., parents, spouse, brothers, or sisters).

The foreign expert work visa application

If you’re an Israeli company trying to bring your foreign expert to Israel keep reading.

It’s important to note, the foreign expert visa must meet several conditions before you start the legal process. It’s important to realize one of those conditions includes paying your foreign experts twice the market salary.

Then, you apply for the visa with the Department for Expert Workers. A point often overlooked, is that sometimes a simple tourist visa is enough for a short business trip to Israel.

It’s important to note that once the Foreign expert work visa to Israel is issued, the Israeli Ministry of Interior still has the power to approve or reject the permit.

If the application is approved, your foreign worker gets a B/1 visa. The B/1 work visa must be kept valid by renewing it every year and up to five years.

In some instances, the visa can be renewed for a more extended period, on the condition that the foreign expert worker continues to meet the necessary eligibility criteria.

Our office has completed numerous foreign expert work visa requests successfully. We’ll help you achieve your business goals too.