Get Your B-5 Investor Visa to Israel

Are you looking to obtain Israeli citizenship by investment in Israel? You’re in the right place.

The Israeli government is strengthening the connection to our eternal ally by allowing non- Jewish US citizens to gain Israeli citizenship by investing.

Our team has the ideal background and expertise to assist non-Jews to gain Israeli citizenship by investment.

To emphasize, the B5 investor visa is only available for American citizens at this time.

Yet, if you are Jewish, you may qualify under the law of return can make Aliyah to Israel. In this case, if you’re a non-Jewish US citizen you can apply for the B5 investor visa to become an investor and gain citizenship in Israel.

Furthermore, The B/5 Investor Visa lets the investor and several vital workers and their families get Israeli citizenship as a result.

Here are the basic requirements the investor must meet to qualify for the B5 Investor Visa:

  • Invest in an Israeli business. The actual dollar figure required will be determined by the value or cost of the business
  • Invest thier own money in a new or existing Israeli business
  • The Israeli company must be for-profit
  • The business must provide the visa recipient a significant income. Well above the cost of living of the investor and his family
  • The business must hire Israeli citizens

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