Your Way to Obtain Work Visas to Israel

If you want to work in Israel and you’re not Jewish you may still be eligible for a work visa. Like many other countries, Israel is interested in employing its citizens first. With this in mind, work visas to Israel for non-jews are very limited. However, there are a few scenarios where obtaining a work visa to Israel is possible. See the most common work visas to Israel below to learn about your options.

Given that illegal stay in Israel may end up in deportation and future refusal to reenter. We recommend taking legal action sooner rather than later. Our office is happy to help you reach your Israeli work visas and citizenship goals.

If needed our office also handles expert work visa requests and helps you gain Israeli citizenship through investment.

Israeli work visas

B1 work visa to Israel

If you are not eligible for Aliyah and want to work in Israel, you can try to obtain an Israeli work visa. To qualify for a work visa to Israel, a local employer must apply on your behalf for the B/1 work visa. However, Israeli work visa requirements are a significant undertaking for the local employer in particular. Similar to foreign workers who want to come to Israel. If you’re looking for a long-term expert work visa, please visit the Expert Work Visa section.

Israel work visa requirements:

  • A valid passport
  • Two passport photographs
  • A signed employment contract with a local Israeli company
  • A criminal background check

B2 tourist visa to Israel

Every year the Israeli government issues 3 million tourist visas. Specifically, the B2 tourist visa is given for three months for tourism reasons. Therefore tourist visa prohibits its holder to work in Israel. Notably, if you hold a passport from the EU, USA, Russia, and Ukraine you can enter Israel without any special visa.

A2 student visa to Israel

A non-Jewish student can apply for a student visa in Israel. In general, the student must already be accepted to an approved higher education program. More importantly, the student must apply for a visa in their country of origin. Normally, the A2 visa does not allow the student to work in Israel; however, exceptions can be made in some cases.

Clergy visa to Israel

Israel is the religious center for many religions around the world. Accordingly, the state of Israel issues a special Clergy visa to non-Jewish persons and their families. Thus, this visa is valid for a fixed number of years. Its usually granted for serving the local religious community. Our office has handled many similar cases and we’re happy to assist you too.

Volunteer visa

If you want to volunteer in Israel you must get the volunteer visa first. Those who want to come to Israel for volunteer purposes will receive an Israeli visa for the period of their volunteer work. The first thing to remember is the organization that invites the volunteers must be recognized by the Israeli immigration authorities. Usually, the B-4 Israeli volunteer visa is granted for up to two years.